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Gravy Baby

Oct 28, 2021

Living in the idyllic setting of a refurbished bus, waking daily to the rural fields of dairy land, becoming one with the frozen tundra - will DJ DJ Lewis adapt to his new climate and home, or will he go full Shining and chop a hole in a wall?

Well, he's makin' art, so he'll probably be totally happy. And maybe chop a...

Oct 21, 2021

For very different reasons and circumstances, DJ and Drew are both moving. Have you ever had to move for exciting reasons? For terrible ones? Hit us up and tell us about it!

Oct 15, 2021

Today is a repost of the Into the Abiscuit Pilot with none other than Mr. Liberal Redneck himself, Trae Crowder. I know some of you have heard this one, but I also know a lot of you have not. Give it a whirl. We will be back next week folks. 

Oct 7, 2021

Today we have a long discussion about what hope means, how we might keep it, and whether it matters. We dive in on loss, death, and sex. All the easy ones!


Don't forget to count the wins, folks.