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Gravy Baby

Feb 23, 2023

Drew makes a hard pitch for why a new reality show about MILFs is a great piece of art, DJ bahumbugs all over Holidays in general, and we play a new game. Be warned, Carmen breaks everyone's heart. We even get into Water Law.

Feb 16, 2023

Is the Mothman a good consporacy theory? DJ DJ Lewis says no. Emphatically. Repeatedly. Forever. We talk about other stuff on this epidose but we promise you the detailed and nearly deranged level that DJ has dived in on the mothman and come out FURIOUS is what you're gonna remember most. It's truly hilarious. 

Feb 9, 2023

We got a real doozy of an episode today as Drew and Carmen discuss all the ways they aren't progressive. Look we all got a little pappaw in us, and it's better to admit it than pretend like we don't. EMBRACE the pappaw! We get into vegans, sapiosexuals and other annoying people. But don't worry we also get into self...

Feb 2, 2023

Dementia, ugly teeth, people don't really want honesty , and CARMEN IS NOT A BABY. We are down a DJ again today but we hold it down and even talk about Slam Poetry. You can see Drew this weekend in Indianapolis (Feb 2-4) or next week in Minneapolis (Feb 9-11).