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Gravy Baby

Jun 28, 2023

Today it's just Carmen and Drew (sorry goat heads), but it's a good'n! Piping in from Florida Carmen waxes poetic on growth, family, tragedy, and the illustrious Florida Woman. It's been a rough month but Drew offers up what's Gravy Baby and pushes through even tho God cuts his mic halfway through. 

Update on goings on...

Jun 22, 2023

Drew and DJ are without trusted guide Carmen today but belive it or not they don't venture into the bleak or depressing ... almost. Kinda of. They go the full hour talking about Drew's last bonnaroo, the idiot rich ppl on the missing submarine, and whether or not there's any worth in debating crazy ppl. Then, right at...

Jun 15, 2023

Drew's wearing a bucket hat bc he just can't stand how his hair looks, so please bear with him. The boys wax nostalgic for a time when culture was more authentic - but did that time ever really exist? And who remembers Blockbuster? Did y'all watch American Gladiators? Let's do the 90s.

Jun 7, 2023

DJ makes a pitch to redo the quarantine, Drew has plans to marry some folks, and we look at Drew's Lloyd Christmas ass haircut now that he burned it off. The boys also exchange tales of recently doing comedy in front of children. Also, is Fred Durst at  fault for ALL THIS?

Jun 1, 2023

Carmen catches us up on what she’s been up to including doing comedy at mob owned spots, trying to save a club ravaged by a tornado, and accidentally leaving her boyfriend with her family. DJ is smomed to the bone but reveals a surprise about his comedy roots that Carmen never knew.