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Gravy Baby

Jun 17, 2021

DJ and Drew jump on the porch, live. You can watch the episode on youtube. We discuss our recent run of shows, diversity in comedy, and breakfast foods. We also play another game of "ask DJ what they do" and his opinion on what  the Inspector General does  is hilarious. 


Additionally, we feature Drew Mason's short...

Jun 10, 2021

Today is episode 4:20 and I'm gonna be real honest - I got high during it and don't remember any of what we talked about OTHER THAN - I asked DJ what he j*cks *ff to and his answer has absolutely destroyed me. I am laughing again thinking about it.

Jun 3, 2021

We dive in on whether comedy should have genres and talk about when the homies get an OnlyFans. Also DJ explains why Nessy is the greatest goat of all time. Then, we have a real casual not too deep at all conversation about how it feels to have a N*zi in the family.