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Gravy Baby

Nov 24, 2020

A stranger arrives at the home of DJ DJ Lewis with a strange request. Being of the utmost RED variety, DJ grants the man his wish. When he returns the next day with his family, the REDness ensues and DJ joins the main in a dangerous game of Chicken Fishin'. 

Meanwhile, the stranger's kids judge DreDre Dogwalker and...

Nov 17, 2020

We are joined by the lovely Elizabeth and precious Mr. Key Bump today. They tell us all about being in an interracial relationship in Northern Alabama,  and we try to solve racism in America. We come very close. Just kidding, but we do get real high, and we do learn that DJ knows nothing about white women. 



Nov 10, 2020

Tooth issues have both DJ and Drew thinking about the nature of pain, but the severity of DJ's situation takes on a life all its own. Comparing it to a psychedelic gauntlet, DJ waxes poetic about the nature of physical pain. We are joined by the Buttercream Dream himself, Corey Ryan Forrester - who discusses his own...