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Gravy Baby

Mar 31, 2022

Do you have any family stories? Family secrets? Secret Family? Well what if we dive on into all that right out the gate here. 

Sarah Wafford is a poet, seamstress, and excellent story teller. You can follow her on Instagram @adventuresarah42 (she's not on twitter) to get links to her poetry and patreon. And you're...

Mar 24, 2022

Today we are joined by writer, director, and reluctant actor Wyatt Scott. Wyatt speaks with us about their upcoming play "Machine Yourself." The play is based on a short story ("The Girl Who Was Plugged In" by James Tiptree Jr.) that moved Scott to tears the first time they read it. We cover what it means to adapt...

Mar 17, 2022

Why is it different to tell someone else's story? Is it harder? Easier? We get into tryin to talk about someone else's sexuality as well as a brutal family story of Drew's.

Mar 10, 2022

What is "your story"? How do you tell it? Today Drew asks DJ DJ Lewis how he goes about talking about himself on stage. From the obvious - southern, punk, loud - to the more intense - ex con, addict, goat wrangler - we get into how to relate who you are to strangers. Whether its a job interview or shooting the shit...