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Gravy Baby

Mar 16, 2023

**Drew & Carmen are in San Diego this week (Mar 16-17)! DM for details and don't make any Carmen San Diego jokes unless they're good**

Today we talk about what if Boobs were filled with tasty treats, pharmaceuticals and the streets, and why people are asking Drew's mom for her phone number. We also get into the awkwardness of doing comedy about and in front of your family and the phenomena of skinny calves.


Gravy Baby has a Discord server. We coordinate Book Club and Film Club through there, which are both still happening! Join the Discord: Book Club: Discussing Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson on March 26th at 1:00 PM Pacific time. Film Club: Discussing Parting Glances (1986) on March 18th at 1:00 PM Pacific time.